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Recovering Merc**** user - Static Pages

Steve B

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I used to use another cart that was CGI/Perl based. I have one store to convert either to a Windows based solution or OSCommerce based solution. I am leaning towards OSCommerce, because open source is quite frankly, amazing!


This old cart did one thing I really liked and appreciated and that was generate a .html page for each and every category and each and every product. The search engines really liked this!


Is there a feature or a need for one to do such a thing in OSCommerce?


If not, would it be considered bad form or search engine spamming just to read back the db and create a .htm file for each product with the product name as the name of the .htm file. Such as 8057-brown-leather-loafer.htm....at the same time place the name in the title and meta tags along with maybe the description in the meta description. I would not register these with the engines, but would have a javascript relocate href (not sure of the syntax) in each one.


A) Would this be considered search engine spamming? Again, would not register each seperately....

B) Obviously if javascript were disabled, this would not work....is there a better way?

C) Would pop-up blockers have any issues with the redirects?

Steven L. Barreth

Acoustic Visions Multimedia --Where Visions Take Shape


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