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Shipping codes for Canada


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All i see are modules for UPS, USPS,FEDEX. are there any shipping tables for canadian carriers? loomis, Purolator, canda post?


I am in the middle of building my site but i am, unable to add any canadian carriers.



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UPS may work in CANADA as it uses UPS's web for rate lookups (you may have to fix your "home" from the US to Canada). But there is no mod for Loomis (small compaired with most other carriers used with OSC) and much the same with Purolator (which is 60 % owned by Canada Post).


You might be able to adapt a mod that uses a rate lookup (with published rates) for above.


I am working on my first OSC site now and have the same problems.

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You should get Purolater quotes from the Canada Post module. I've been getting a whole raft of options from that module, including some strange results where expedited is cheaper than regular and so on.


I'm not too sure I trust the CP module too much -- I've been getting the following error frequently when I'm testing. I am using CP with dimensions 3.1, and it's the only shipping module set up.


This is currently the only shipping method available to use on this order.

Canada Post

Cannot reach Canada Post Server.

If you prefer to use Canada Post as your shipping method, please contact the store owner.


If anyone has any comments on why I'd get this message when the module was working before, please post it.


If anyone has any ideas or options for Loomis/UPS/Fedex in Canada that would be great!



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Yeah, it works quite well. the problems I was having are related to Canada Post's test environment.


You need to get set up with Canada Post's SellOnline programme to get an ID and the ability to customize your shipping needs. It may take a day or two to get it all sorted but once it's done, it works very well.




Good luck!



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