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Need Hosting Company that offers Shared SSL


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Hello everyone,


About 3 months ago I signed up for hosting with www.[sNIP].net . The claimed to offer shared SSL (which I needed) by request. I have been trying to "request" SSL service for nearly three weeks now without any luck. They don't return phone calls, or reply to emails. So I'm basically in a jam. I've had no problems with my site so far but their communication is just poor. Is there anyone out there that uses this company for hosting and might be able to give me some help?


Here are the questions I have...


1. Can I buy my own SSL certificate and install it without the hosting provider?


2. How do I use cPanel to generate a CSR to obtain the SSL certificate?


3. If I choose to change my provider, and reinstall osCommerce, will I loose all my files and configurations? Or can I just upload my "catalog" directory to the new site? I have gone through so much trouble to get my shopping site up, I would really hate to lose everything...


4. Can someone point me to a hosting company in the US that installs osCommerce and comes with shared SSL (at a reasonable price)?


Thanks in advance for all your help.

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answers to your questions are as follows:


1. You can only do this is you have your own server. You can't to my knowledge install an SSL certificate on a virtual domain. Basically you're looking at hiring a server to yourself if you want to do this.


2. If cPanel is anything like Ensim (which is what I'm more familiar with) there should be a bit somewhere where you can generate SSL certificate requests and install a certificate when you have been issued it. If you don't have root (administrator) access to your server, this part may not be present for you.


3. You can make a copy of your catalog directory and upload it to the new webspace. You should also make a backup of your MySQL database and import that to your new hosts MySQL. I've just done this with my own site (sold my company to someone else....) without a problem.


4. I believe it's against the forum rules to make recommendations for hosting.







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I'm sorry if I broke the forum rules, but I was unaware... I'll remember next time :oops:
You didn't really. However, you sort of asked others to do so (by posting hosts). There is a Seeking Commercial Help forum where you can make these requests (custom coding, hosting, etc.), and people can PM (private message) you with their responses.


Good luck,


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