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Layout & Captcha

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Can I get an assist on some formatting issues.

I have Captcha turned on and it is getting in the way of registration options on the mobile furniture theme on an android: (See Below)


That is new user and this is the returning customer:


Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated...

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Here is what I came up with if your site is doing this on the mobile side. This happened after activating recaptcha on 4.11.

I changed 2 files located here:



I moved the "Forgot Password" coding above the captcha module on the returning.tpl.

I moved the "Consent..." coding above the captcha module on the register.tpl




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  • 2 weeks later...

When I open both of those files up with DreamWeaver which might be considered an old software now, I show syntax errors on lines in both files you listed above.

register.tpl error on line 263

returning.tpl error on line 69

Are these real errors ? or maybe my software is older and the coding has changed ?

Register_line 263.JPG

Returning_line 69.JPG

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Problem verified and fixed as per MrMayBerry's comments above. See photos for some paint brushing :)

Returning coding... move captcha coding (lines 28 to 32) below line 45

Register coding... move captcha coding (lines 243 to 247) below line 252

Keep in mind your coding lines may not be exactly the same, but this is good place to start, and what you are looking for.





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Yes, the errors are probably because of Dreamweaver... I thought I was the only one that still has that software.


Good job, I assume it's all working for you.

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