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Hidden and untranslatable keys?


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Hi everybody.

I seem to have discovered some strange, hidden and untranslatable keys as follows:



The above screenshot shows a customer order history from within the customer account in Spanish, HOWEVER, the customer order status ("Estado") is being reported in English instead of Spanish. 

I have tried to perform a key search for "Awaiting for payment" in order to amend the error, however, the search returned ZERO results: repeated the search for Awaiting and I only got one key, which is however different than the one above. 

Besides, in standard English one should write either "Awaiting payment" or "Waiting for payment", instead of "Awaiting for payment", if I am not wrong?

Could any of the developers point me out here?

Thank you 



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On 3/6/2023 at 12:07 PM, osCommerce-Official said:

@ynechitajlo could you please check?

Guys, I think I have found the solution myself. 

The apparently untranslatable keys can actually be translated by accessing "Settings / Order status / Order status" and editing the desired order status, as already and clearly explained in the OSCv4 manual here: https://www.oscommerce.com/wiki/Managing_Order_Statuses

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