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Address book entry not retaining required street address?


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Hi everybody.

I am running a test customer account and this is the template I get when editing my test account address book entry:


there is actually a required street address field in the above template, a required street address field which I populate, HOWEVER, after clicking on UPDATE, the required street address field is NOT retained and does not show up either on my account address list or the confirmed order email received by the test customer:


am I missing out on anything or an issue is actually in place?

Thank you

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Hope this helps:

Find your way to Admin --> Settings --> Address Formats

In this screen setup each format from 1-6 for my site to look alike.

Here is a picture of my format for address, please make all of them the same as different areas using each of these depending.

The use of this screen is a little "buggy" but does work. Drag and Drop accordingly to the way you want it read.


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3 hours ago, MrMayberry said:

Hope this helps:

Billy, many thanks, it did!

I actually overlooked those settings in full. 

Thanks to your suggestions, I could actually add the street address to the customer address book entry and it is being corretly retained now. 

I have found, however, another couple of odd things happening as follows:

  1. I also added the "company name" and "company VAT" to the same address format, however, they are NOT showing on customer's account;
  2. all of the 5 different addresses the customer adds to his account only show up with an "edit" option (please see the aside screenshot). image.png.4a22030551ade30923dc211b9431a2df.pngNo delete option. As a consequence, trying to add one more address throws up the following error


and there is no way for me to delete any address. Edit only. 

Did you experience the same issues or is it me once again overlooking any essential tweaking?

Thank you very much!

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So as for the company info in question #1.

Please go to Admin --> Configuration

(then in these three area's' make sure the fields you would like to use are set to either visible or the option that best works for you. (register, required, both)



As for question 2:

Please go to Admin --> Configuration --> Customer Details

You can increase the allowable addresses to save per customer from 5 to whatever you desire. (If you leave it at five, even though there is no delete - you can edit 1 of the 5 address and change it to the address you desire.


Furthermore the customer could email admin of site and have them deleted. Only admin in the backend can delete the address in the customer area of the admin pages.

Hope this helps, and keep up the good work!

Edited by MrMayberry
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