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problems adding product to cart - sometimes...


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Major problem with my site: When users try to add products to their cart, using either the "buy now" button or the "add to cart" button, sometimes the product is added, but most of the time it is not added. I don't get any error messages, just "There are no items in your shopping cart."


I've searched the forums thoroughly for an answer, and the only similar problem I could find is in the thread on problems with superglobals in PHP version 4.3.x. I have tried the solutions suggested in that thread, and it is still not working.


The site URL is: http://www.simply-natural.biz/catalog. This is a live site.


Appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.

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Actually, I have tried using IE 6.0, as well as 5.5, but have had the same results. Like I said, sometimes it works but other times it doesn't.


Also, even if it did work consistently with IE 6, I really couldn't force potential customers to use IE 6 to shop at my site. :?


Additional info: It worked fine in testing before the site went live (around the end of May), but stopped working sometime since then...that is why I suspected the problem may be related to the PHP 4.3 issue (My host is running 4.3.2 which was built around that same time, and my host has recently upgraded to it.)

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It worked for me as well (I tried twice, once after reading Melinda's post, again after your reply). I just added one of the products from the front page and then kept adding the special that shows up on the cart page. No problems.


For testing purposes, you might want to Force Cookie Use (Admin > Configuration > Sessions). See if you get any more informative errors.




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I don't have Sessions under Configuration in my Admin. Is that an MS1 thing? I'm using a mid-January '02 snapshot. Actually, I have some stuff hard-coded to force cookie use (based on the Security Proposal thread), so I'm not sure if this would show anything different.


This thing is driving me crazy. :crazy:

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