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The e-commerce.

language and currency


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I have bad problems with the languages. I set german as default but after some time it changes to english automatically. Looks like it has something to do with the switching between shop and admin. I added language=de to the URL so it works now when i first go to the shop and then into the admin. Another big problem is, that when I add a product and set the price to 100 its displayed for 110,36 Euro in the shop later. How to fix that?

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in the catalog/includes/languages/english.php around line 36


// if USE_DEFAULT_LANGUAGE_CURRENCY is true, use the following currency, instead of the applications default currency (used w$



Change it to whatever you need




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Thz all


It was very simple .... in the conversion USD to EUR we have 1dl = 1.10300Eur And when i change to Eur to Default happens this

1Eur = 1.10300Eur



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I am using OSCommerce at



However there is FUNDAMENTAL issue I am not able to solve.


Though the site is multicurrency, in real terms the selling prices

cannot be set by a ratio because of tax, custom duty, transportation

and local shipping etc which determine the final price based on the

source of the product.


For example I source products in the US and sell in Europe so the

price to european customers for the same product needs to be higher

than for the US customers.


So it is necessary to link the prices to the Location of the CUSTOMER

As this is a cataloge the only way to do is to force a direct relation

between the CURRENCY and customer shipping location.

For example a UK based customer can only Pay in GBP, a US customer

in USD etc


I would appreciate If you can help me to implement this or let me know

if there is way around already in OScommerce.


Many thanks



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