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PayPal not working


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Hello all,

I have noticed that I have no sales recently, I thought it was to do with my Google accounts, Analytics and Search Console etc, as nothing seemed to be working with them.

I also had a problem with Captcha, sometimes it was there on test purchases, other times is wasn't, so I just removed it.

To be honest I gave up for a while, there was just too many problems and too much going on!!

But I need to get my website working properly again.

I will start with PayPal, I have an error message on my admin side when I attempt to rertieve my live credentials as follows.

  • Could not connect to the osCommerce website to initiate the start account procedure. Please try again in a short while.

Any idea what this is about?

TIA Shaun

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OK, lets try this.

Yes it is Edge 2.3.4.

I have attempted a test purchase but there is no payment option, I have PP express and standard installed, obviously PP is not setup correctly.

In Admin/PayPal I can see my credentials, they seem to be correct, I have uninstalled and reinstalled pp, which did not help.

Where do I need to start?

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OK, thank you @bonbec.

I have followed this tutorial, it is not quite the same as my setup, when I click "edit" in step 3 all I am able to do is change the sort order! There are no other options. I did uninstall this, then reinstalled but I get the same problem.

If I go into the Paypal tab then "Credentials" it seems to be filled out correctly with API username, API password, API signature, merchant id, PayPal email address, however the page a browny red colour in the Live as well as the Sandbox windows, I presume this window should be green if its live, 

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Still no resolution to this problem!

I have been in contact with PP but they say everything seems fine fron their end.

If I make a test purchase there seems to be no “payment method” suggesting PP is not installed. It seems to be a configuration problem, any ideas?


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On 1/11/2023 at 1:21 AM, RAC said:

Yes it is Edge 2.3.4.

You are posting in the V4 forum in which your shop is not supported. You need to post in the V2 forum, or more specifically, in the Paypal app support thread, assuming you have the Paypal App installed, which is the only paypal module that works well.

Support Links:

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