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netbanx payment module


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I've a small shop setup now using paypal and/or cheques based in the UK. I have installed the holding orders mod and I seem to be losing at least 50% of my orders between my shop and finishing paypal (I guess its a combination of technical illiteracy and general unwillingness to jump through the hoops).


Anyway, I am looking to add a bureau based credit card payment module and Worldirect want ?305 before I begin. Netbanx seems like a much better alternative for a small business as there are no monthly fees. I can't find any contributions for netbanx.


Has anyone tried to intergrate netBanx & OSc? Is it possible? Does anyone have any experience of using NetBanx elsewhere?


Any help would be much apprecciated. Otherwise I will keep you posted....







with ten thousand dollars we'll all be millionaires

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Hi my name is Paul Nieman and I've just been on the phone to Netbanx. I've pointed out that they're losing business by not helping to set up a module for osCommerce. They have had many osCommerce enquiries and as of today Netbanx have volunteered to set up a test site (apparently they normally charge over 200 GBP for this). I'm not qualified to do the programming but am considering asking an osCommerce consultant to write and test a script (module). I haven't a costing for it yet. Would anyone like to participate ? If it's not too expensive I'll do it myself anyway.


- Paul

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Did i read the netbanx stuff wrong or will they charge you a ?300 set up fee and then 8% if you have a monthly turnover less than ?2,000.


i'm starting off very small so i reckon i'll have to stick to paypal, nochex and the natwest thingy.

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