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I've had a number of questions about my addons so I thought it would make it easier to create a thread I could reference.  Each addon has one or more of the indicators below. But those are just general guides and may not apply in all cases. Just ask if you need something clarified. I've included links to my addons that are in the apps section though I may have missed some of the older ones.

c - Some core changes needed
f - Free version uploaded but may not be for all versions
n - Not mine but altered by me
p = Phoenix - at least through
v - Has Pro version. If F is not indicated, then it is only available from me.

  • Additional Orders Infoc f p Add additional details about orders at a glance.
  • Add More Fields c f  Adds extra fields to the products.
  • Admin Trapper c p Adds extra protection to the admin
  • All Customers c f p  Provides a report about customers, like email addresses.
  • All Products SEO f p Quick links to products - helps with SEO.
  • Article Manager c f p v Easily add articles to the site. Allows customers to comment to them.
  • Attribute Percentage c f p Adds percentage as a way to charge for attributes.
  • Attributes Download Manager c v Additional options for downloads.
  • Auto Logon f n p Customers are automatically logged in.
  • Auto Update Currencies f p Keeps the exchange rates current.
  • Batch Printing c f p v Handle multiple invoices with just a few clicks.
  • Blacklistc f p Prevent marked visitors from visiting the site or placing an order.
  • Categories Box Expander p v An expandable category box.
  • Category Images f p Lists the categories on the page.
  • CCV f p v Adds the cc payment module.
  • Compare My Price c f Tracks other sites and shows how they compare to your products.
  • Continue Shopping f p  Adds a continue shopping button to the shopping cart page.
  • CSS_Editor p v Easily edit the sites colors from admin.
  • Currency Images f p Adds a flag image for each currency.
  • Custom Server Error Pages f n p Allows you to control the error pages on the site.
  • Daily Specials f p v Setup coupons not available in other addons, like buy 1 get 1.
  • Database Optimizer f p Cleans the database of useless data.
  • DoubleClick Preventer c p v Prevents customers from clicking twice on the confirmation page.
  • Easy Logo f p Create a logo from text and images.
  • Easy Populate f p v Handle your products from a spredsheet file.
  • Easy Reorder p v Customers past order history is displayed and allows them to quickly order.
  • FAQ Manager f p Easily add and mange FAQ's in admin.
  • Free Shipping plus Others c p n v Gives the option of Free Shipping as well as whichever ones are enabled.
  • Full Width Footer f p A footer module that uses the full width of the display.
  • Generic_Infobox f p Allows one infobox to contain many different sections.
  • Gift Add c f n p  Adds the option to order as a gift.
  • Gift Vouchers Secure c p v Provides codes to use for discount or to sell.
  • Google Feeder f p v Used for google shopping.
  • Google_Reviews p v Adds the code that allows google to ask your customers for reviews.
  • Google XML Sitemap SEO f p Creates a sitemap used by the search engines.
  • Gratuity c f p v Asks your customers if they want to contribute to a charity, or any group you set up.
  • Grouped Reviews c p v Groups the reviews to give a better display.
  • Header Status Handler c f p Handles 404 and 410 errors correctly.
  • Header Tags SEO c f p Full meta tag control - very good for SEO.
  • Honey Pot f p v Prevents spam and fake accounts.
  • HTML Editor c f p v Automatically add an html editor to the selected pages.
  • Image interrogator p v Compares image files on the server to what is actually in use and allows them to be deleted.
  • Image Static Modules p v A group of five image modules to display various images on the home page.
  • Imprint Text n p v Allows the customer to input text they would like applied to a product, like a label on a hat.
  • Individual Product Shipping c f p v Allows shipping costs to be applied to a product.
  • Information Pages SEO f p v Easily add and manage pages in admin. Very useful for the shop but also helps with SEO.
  • Instant Discount c f p v Displays a popup with items on sale for a limited time - like buy in the next 10 minutes for discount.
  • Jssor Image Slider f p Displays sliding images in the header or the home page.
  • Link Checker p v Checks the links of your site to make sure they are valid.
  • Login Modal f n p v Adds a modern popup for logging in.
  • Login Monitor f p Monitors the admin for invalid logins and notifies the shop owner when they occur.
  • Main Menu p v Add a horizontal menu to the header to diplay categories, manufacturers and more.
  • Manufacturer Images f p Display the manufacturers on the home page.
  • Manufacturers Products p v Display a page showing products by manufacturers.
  • Merge Accounts f p v Merger two accounts into one.
  • Message Box f p Adds rotating messages to the header or navbar.
  • MultiBox Single f p Show images in an infobox.
  • Multiple Products Manager f p v Allows controlling multiple products easily.
  • Must Agree To Conditions f n p v Adds a checkbox to the create account and/or checkout page that customer must accept.
  • Orders Exporter p v Export details of orders into a csv file.
  • OSC Error Handler c p Prevent errors from being seen by customers.
  • Paypal Fees c f p Displays the charges by paypal.
  • Phone Orders f p Place an order or create an account for your customers.
  • Previous Next c n p v Shows Next/Prev buttoms on product pages.
  • Price In Cart p v Display the cart total in various locations on the shop.
  • Print Order c n p v Allows the customer to print a copy of their order.
  • Product Quantity Box c f p Adds +/- buttons to the product page so the customer can change the quantity to order.
  • Purchase Limiter c f p v Limits how much a customer can spend.
  • Quantity Price Breaks f p Discount products based on the quantity ordered.
  • Recover Cart Sales f n p Shows incomplete orders and allow those customers to be contacted.
  • Second Currency c f p v Adds a second currency to each place a price shows.
  • Shopping Cart Update List p v Replace the box and delete button with a quantity list on the shopping cart page.
  • Sitemap SEO c f p Adds a site map to the shop. Useful to your customers but good for SEO too.
  • Site Monitor f p Reports changes to files that the shop owner didn't make.
  • Social Accounts p v Adds an infobox with social icons.
  • SSL Box p v Adds an infobox with the ssl details.
  • Tax By Year p v Shows taxes by the year.
  • Text Master f p v Edit standard pages in admin.
  • Text Slider f p v Adds text to the home page that hides when not being read.
  • Ultimate SEO p Changes the url to human readable.
  • UPSXML c p n v Shipping module.
  • USPS c p n v Shipping module.
  • View Counter f p v Very powerful program to control what is going on on the shop.
  • YouTube Vidoe Box p v Adds an infobox that displays a youtube video.


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