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Can't get either Stripe or Braintree to work


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On our site (Phoenix  we have the plain vanilla credit card payment module (manually inputting CC info) along with Paypal, and those work.

We have been trying to get either Braintree, regular Stripe, or Stripe SCA to work,  We have input all the credentials from those respective accounts They both get hung up on checkout_payment.php. Only a bare description appears instead of card input fields you would expect. It only says "Credit Card (Stripe SCA)" and provides no way to enter the payment method.

It might be the same issue affecting both payment modules, so I am posting here instead of the Braintree forum, for example. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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I can have both Braintree and Stripe SCA installed. I get a choice between them on check-out payment. Just two radio buttons. One says 'Credit Card (Stripe SCA)' and the other says 'Credit or Debit Card', which must be Braintree. If I choose the Braintree One, it shows an empty synopsis of CC information before processing, and then it's as if it connected but the transaction failed. If I choose Stripe, it just gets stuck loading the next step.

The answer to this question that may bypass all of this. Which payment modules are generally accepted to be bullet-proof in the United States for Phoenix I don't mind trying out a different gateway. It doesn't have to be Stripe or Braintree, though either is good for a variety of reasons. We just need to graduate to using a proper gateway.

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