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The e-commerce.

no email being sent


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I have extra order emails sent to 2 addresses when customers place an order.


Has anybody had a customer order online and not get any email order confirmations ?


I know payment has gone through as i got the standard email from Worldpay saying payment has been processed, all a bit strange.



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Hi Gary,


I think I have the same problem - what version of OSC are you using, and what contribution for Worldpay?


I am using MS1 with the Worldpay MS1 - Version 'a' (Ian-san update) module for the payment gateway and I'm not getting any order emails through as a customer.


The signup does send emails as it should.

Regards, Jay.

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using the Loaded version 5, not sure of Worldpay contribution as that was installed externally for me.


first time this has happened, been smooth running so far, the worldpay email arrived which is how i flagged up the lack of corresponding email from osc direct.


I've mailed customer to see if she received the email.


Maybe my hosts mail relay was down so no forwarding mails were sent, would osc store the mail if the smtp server was down or just drop the mail ?

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Try switching to sendmail. I was having a similar problem and then decided to switch to sendmail because server info showed both as active, the fixed the problem. You will have a delay of about 15-30 minutes with the e-mails but better than nothing.

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mm already on sendmail, customer received her email confirmation of the order but what was ordered was not detailed on the email.


I am gonna manually create an order for her ... any ideas on how i can do this as I would have to log in with her details etc.

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