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Confirmation Emails and Contact Page emails not sent


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We're operating an old version of oscommerce together with php5.2


Order confirmation emails are no longer sent to both us and the customer.  Also the Contact Us page does not work at all - it says the message has been sent but it is not.

We can however send messages to the customer in the admin portal.

We have the email setting set as SMTP.


How can i work out why the emails are not being sent??  Dont know where to begin.




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I am OScommerce v2.3.3.4 and PHP5.2.17....


Server OS: Linux 4.4.262-icpu-066      Database: MySQL 5.5.60-0+deb7u1-log
Server Date: 2021-05-20 12:54:23 +0200 CEST      Database Date: 2021-05-20 12:54:23
Server Up Time:  
HTTP Server: Apache
PHP Version: 5.2.17 (Zend: 2.2.0)
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On 5/19/2021 at 5:30 PM, discofunkster said:

We have the email setting set as SMTP.

OScommerce v2.3.3.4   does not support smtp, use sendmail

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@discofunkster  You stated that this all started since the first of the year. I'm *assuming* that it worked before that. Please confirm.

So, if it worked before, and it doesn't now, the question is: What has changed? Did you change anything, or did your host?

I asked about the version of PHP because web hosts have been moving people to PHP v7.x without notification. It's happened to me. Hosts will also make changes which they deny doing, either because the tech person didn't know of the change, or they *assume* that any changes they made won't effect anything.

Lastly, you show that your host is running Apache on Linux. *Most* hosts running Linux are running SendMail (or an equivalent) as their mail agents. You may need to verify with your host that SMTP is indeed installed and configured on your server.


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I put the email method back to Sendmail and payment method as Money Order and it worked to give me the order confirmation email.

I'm going to try with an actual payment now through paypal to see if this also works.

However, when i go through the contact form on the website, it tells me my message has been sent but it-s not received to my mailbox....

Nothing i know of has changed on the server.

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