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design tips for my site


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can someone please give me some design tips for my site as i think it looks very bland and needs livening up somewhat!!




id even pay someone to do this for me, it needs to be along the line of mobile phones


many thanks

live long and prosper

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can someone please give me some design tips for my site


One thing I would like to see are larger images when I click 'view larger image'. When buying highly technical stuff like this, it's nice to see the gubbins and other details.


-- JJ


PS Maybe this is the wrong forum - maybe not - but it will be moved if it is. It would be a waste of a post just to tell you that though, IMO.

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Paul - 1stly I'd say "DON'T USE MS FRONT PAGE!!!" Makes me *uke! The second I saw your page, I thought "Bill Gates woz 'ere". By all means, use MS FP to learn how a web page can be built/changed etc, but as a final product it sucx big time (in my humble opinion).


I'm no Design Guru by any means - but I always "try" to put myself in the client's shoes. And in this case, they're a bit smelly!


Your original question/cry-for-help was re: design tips. An obvious suggestion would be to use an image of a mobile phone as your menu - World-default menu position being on the left of the screen. Vertical orientation of a phone is perfect. The numbers (0-9) and the other keys (*,#, Up, Down, etc...) use as your links but with simple JavaScript, using the "OnMouseOver" event, you could use the phone's screen to give a brief description/indication of where the user will be taken to once they've clicked on the appropriate number. Or a 2nd thoght; just a scanned photo of a car's passenger seat with the briefcase, mobile, charger, etc... strewn everywhere, and allow visitors to click on the various items.... Who kknows?!? If you're genuinely looking for ideas, let me know. Seriously!


This was my immediate thought. If 10 other people gave you their immediate thoughts, you'd have plenty to be getting on with. I hope someone would do the same for my site(s) one day.


And if you're looking to pay! Well, that changes the ball game completely!


In continuation... I'm sure these posts will be moved to their appropriate place, but until then, a serious note about design + customising osCommerce. What are the rules/regs re: design and functionality/modularity? I've not yet looked below the surface, but am expecting template files of < 1K to contend with - ie: potentially 100's of files which could need changing.


I took one look at it only 3 days ago, and have now installed it for my (currently 3) Powweb-hosted clients. I take my (Red) Hat (Linux) off to the entire team who've worked wonders with their keyboards to produce such a professional piece of work - and for the magic number - 0 (place currency symbol where appropriate!). I'd even charge an hour extra so I could make a donation!


"Regards from Andorra" says he, stepping down from his soap box...


According to Einstein's theory e=mc?, every second, the sun converts 508 million tonnes of Hydrogen into 504 million tonnes of Helium, therefore releasing 4 million tonnes of energy. Weight Watchers - beat that!

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