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The e-commerce.

Marketplace features

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to start this topic :

  • Sellers primarily want to sell. This means listing, selling and dispatching products efficiently.
  • Buyers primarily want to buy. This means searching for the best products and purchasing them quickly.
  • The platform connects buyers with sellers and generates revenue doing it. This means having the right tools to support
  • The administrator must able to take fees (montly, annual) and via subscription or by products sell.
  • Example of functionnalities can include in the version.
  • Authorization and Security (user must sign up for providing personal details such as name, gender, email, date of birth, phone number, password) – here in Syndicode we take it as a priority: all user data must be protected!
  • Registration for vendors. Vendors will have access to all functionality provided on your online marketplace, meaning they will be able to indicate the minimum or fixed price for their item, for example.
  • Another important thing is the ability for the user to sign up via social network which is much easier than classic way suggests.
  • Managing user profile and personal details update (this is more important for sellers than buyers because seller information should be clearly presented and easily managed by publishers). Note, that authorized users need to have the possibility to become publishers and add their content.
  • Managing Listing (Listing is products or services on a web marketplace). Sellers need to publish and manage their items. Here you can check Woobra – perfect example of marketplace for product sourcing where Syndicode implemented this functionality of listing managing. For site visitors we added the ability to search, use a filter and view detailed information; for site publishers – to add a new listing, view their listings, publish, edit or unpublish their listing, etc.
  • Booking/order process for clients (this functionality built to ensure reserving goods and services by users and collecting delivery information by publishers). Here developers need to add also the possibility for communication between viewers and publishers. Order management should allow multiple viewers and publishers to collaborate.
  • Payment option (Online Marketplace requires advanced payment functionality: payment system, ability to use credit cards, cash, PayPal, billing and invoice operations). In Syndicode we usually develop marketplaces with multiple payment methods to ensure that both user’ groups can use them in the most convenient way.
  • Don’t forget about Payout: publishers should retrieve their money from the system – this functionality demands additional code. Major payment providers have solutions for that, for example, Stripe Connect.
  • Reviews and ratings (this instrument aimed to help publishers and customers understand the situation on the market and build trust between each other). Both sides should be able to see listings reviews, customers will be able to write them and rate listings.
  • Notifications (they used for tracking the process of building relationships between viewer and publisher: with them, users can be informed about the arrival of their order and so on). Obviously, the user must be able to change notifications settings. The most widespread notification methods are SMS and emails.
  • Landing pages for clients and vendors. There should be a possibility to set and customize different layouts for landing pages depends whether they aimed to capture clients’ or vendors’ attention. Landing pages for clients must be easily customized by vendors according to their needs (top products list, location data or special offers, collecting emails and so on).
  • Browsing content (this feature lets the user find what he is looking for). As navigation getting more smooth the more attention is paid to the products. You can browse through Syndicode projects to evaluate our approach for navigation and design – we take user comfort among the first priorities.
  • Customer service (allows to keep in touch with the customer and grow his loyalty). In this part marketplaces usually use promotions, partners recruitment, collecting and visualizing data to understand tendencies, email campaigns for customer onboarding.


Contact me by skype for business
Contact me @gyakutsuki for an answer on the forum


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Thank you very much Loic, it is an interesting one indeed! 

osCommerce will be coming with possibility of integration with existing marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, CDiscount) but this is a whole new thing - its own marketplace - and will be extremely interesting to implement if there exists enough demand for it.

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I think yes, for me it's very interesting and you can acquire new company because there is something to do. It can be a difference with the competitors.

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Contact me by skype for business
Contact me @gyakutsuki for an answer on the forum


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  • 10 months later...

Enterprise 3.0 OsCommerce is a billing system integrated into the company that allows the billing (TPV) to synchronize the stock of the entire online store, it is very powerful and very easy to learn to use, it has several systems that enhance advertising "Banner Shop to Shop" and "Shared Stock" this system has no limits.

Facebook, google, twitter, youtube, they are not used to advertise, I am a 3.0 company I do not need to pay money to get clients, if the service that my company provides is good and the clients are happy then all the stores want to advertise with me, that's how it works

We are Empresa 3.0, the company of Web 3.0 value

All those who want an online store Empresa 3.0 OsCommerce I give it to you with domain and hosting included.

Send me the name you want and I'll send you the data of your hosting [email protected] and you can use it 100%

You can Play here with a demo.



user: tienda

pass: admin






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