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Help with aligning text, category info, and boxes


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I'm trying to clean up the alignment and spacing of various parts of my site. I experimented with a few things in default.php, and may have made things worse! I think I need help figuring out where to change things...(my apologies if this is covered elsewhere - I couldn't find it)


1. Generally speaking, where do you change the alignment of boxes (e.g., align all of them left)?


2. Where do you change the alignment of the text, and the width of the text?


3. One of my categories looks fine - same alignment and width as the homepage. But another category is all scrunched -- how do I control each individual catgeory? Also, within a category, the page widths seem to change from page to page, and even through various parts of the login/checkout sequence.



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OK, I think I have fixed a lot of it -- but one problem remains:


I have 2 top-level categories (baskets and bears) - their descriptions etc look good.


When you click a sub-category in bears (in which just products show up), the subcategory info is all scrunched to the left. Specifically:


Bears Cat > Holiday Sub cat > Individual products --- holiday subcategory is aligned too much to the left and the width is too narrow.


However, the basket sequence is fine -- I have lots more subcategories here before you get to the products:


Baskets cat > Thank you subcat > Style 1 subcat > Individual products


So, I think it has something to do with the specs for nested categories in default.php, but I can't quite figure it out.


Any thoughts?



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