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Install OsCommerce new installation


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@Hotclutch You are absolutely correct. I stand corrected.

I ran into this exact problem when I was moving an old osC site from a server running PHP 5.x to a different server with PHP v7.x. However, as I now look back into my notes, it was NOT a PHP issue. Instead, the SQL setup on the new server was much more strict. The resolution was ...

On my local WAMP server, after locating the file my.ini file, I had to edit the line that said "sql-mode= ... <blah, blah, blah> ....", and comment out the expression NO_ZERO_DATE.

(I replicated the entire "sql-mode= " line below itself, commented out the first line (with a comment explaining what I did), and edited the copied line, removing the NO_ZERO_DATE expression.)

@businesspromotion Is this on your local server, or a hosted server? Do you have access to edit the appropriate .ini file? If not, you may need to contact your host to resolve this for you.

I apologize for the initial wild goose chase ...


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