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errors out with shipping currently not available with this address


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Hi All,

Placing an order for a customer and get this error, the address is correct and shipped to before, only difference is total amount which is over $500 is there a setting that limits this amount, cant think of anything else that might cause this.






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Check Weight of Order.  Is the total weight of the Ordered prodcuts greater than your max shipping weight?

Log into Admin, then Configuration then Shipping/Packaging and see the number at "maximum package weight" (or words to that effect).

Next check your shipping methods.  These (depending on what is being used) can be limited by weight and/or by price.

Those two are the first things to check. check on those and report back.


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Thank you Burt,

Checked and those were not the problem, but did get me looking further to the table rate shipping which topped out at $500, inserted a few more ranges and all was fine.

Thank you, your reply got me looking with some guessing that the last entry in the table rate was $500 which this order was just slightly above that.

Including this in case others may run into the same problem.


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