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Fix special price based on percentage


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Is there a way or addon to make the special price change when the original price change ?

For e.g. I added 20% discount on a product priced 1000$, now the special price is 800$, but when I increase the original price to 2000$ the special price is still 800$ instead of 1600$.

Trying to make the special price change automatically if the discount is percentage.


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Special Price is stored as a price.  It does not know it is a percentage:

CREATE TABLE specials (
  specials_id int NOT NULL auto_increment,
  products_id int NOT NULL,
  specials_new_products_price decimal(15,4) NOT NULL,
  specials_date_added datetime,
  specials_last_modified datetime,
  expires_date datetime,
  date_status_change datetime,
  status int(1) NOT NULL DEFAULT '1',
  PRIMARY KEY (specials_id),
  KEY idx_specials_products_id (products_id)
) CHARACTER SET utf8 COLLATE utf8_unicode_ci;

Therefore what you want, cannot (easily) happen.

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30 minutes ago, Psytanium said:

If I add new column to the specials table, storing the percentage

This would not be a small change. 

It might be easier to add a categories.preAction hook that checked if the product price changed and updated the specials price appropriately.  This could involve a new column that would be a boolean for update or not.  Or it could happen always.  Then the catalog code would not need to change, only the admin behavior. 


Always back up before making changes.

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