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The e-commerce.

Mac OS X (version 10.2.6) installation


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I've spent all morning fiddling around with the osCommerce install on a Mac OS X box and was wondering if anyone has any installation instructions that would help.


Basically... I need to install osCommerce in my own "Sites" directory. For development purposes I can't use the Library/Webserver/Documents/ (which translates into http://localhost/) path and instead must use the Users/myusername/Sites folder (which translates into http://localhost/~myusername/).


Since I couldn't get it working in the http://localhost/~myusername location, I installed it in both places for testing purposes.


Now this is all fine and dandy, but I'm trying to use an .htaccess file so I don't have to turn on register globals sitewide. Now, changing the "allowoverride" directive in the httpd.conf file from "none" to "all" fixed the error on the http://localhost/ installation and allowed me to use the .htaccess file, but changing "myusername.conf" (which is the file that dictates access for my /Sites/ directory) to the same "allowoverride all" setting gives me an internal server error 500 for all sites running in the http://localhost/~myusername directory.


Changing it back fixes it and allows me to access the sites in my user folder once again.


The apache error log says this:

/Users/mark/Sites/.htaccess: Illegal option Exec


(mark is my username)

But it gives no errors in regard to the http://localhost/ installation.


I've got PHP 4.3.0 running as well as mySQL 4.0.12.


Any help would be very much appreciated.

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So i feel a bit retarded right now. Apparently I forgot about an old .htaccess file that was stored in the root of my Sites/ directory (hence the odd apache error log message). I removed it and now all is well.


If anyone else needs help with instillation feel free to post questions here as I now think I'd be able to help out with any questions you'd have since I've finally successfully installed it.

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