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PayPal App 5.018 Express Checkout intermittent fails with no response


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I'm using the PayPal App 5.018 on osC 2.3.4 BS GOLD and it's working BUT I'm seeing a lot of errors in the PayPal App log, and I am getting complaints that it's not working for some of my customers. Of course, when I test it myself, it works fine.

One customer said that when she finished the process on PayPal, it brought her back to the very beginning of the checkout process. She tried again and got the same result. So she gave up on it, then came back a half hour later to try again and it worked. On the same device, same browser, etc.

In my PayPal App log I see a lot of failed transactions and they seem to have something in common: no response. The Response section, when you click on the View button, is empty. No labels for data, just the header. Is that supposed to be this way? or does this indicate that I'm simply not getting a response from PayPal? The docs for the PayPal App don't mention.

In one instance, for one specific customer, I see 2 failed SetExpressCheckout for her, then a successful one, then a successful GetExpressCheckoutDetails followed by 2 failed DoExpressCheckoutPayment, and finally a successful DoExpressCheckoutPayment... All from the same IP in a period of 15 minutes. It looks like it kept on failing on her, but she kept on trying and finally got through.

There's nothing specifically relevant in my php error log. I found a "Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in hooks.php on line 56" which I fixed. The hooks.php file I was using was apparently from the PayPal App bundle and was missing an "array" on line 56. Could this have been causing the PayPal App problems?

What else can I do to troubleshoot this, given that there's no clues in the Response part of the log to go on?


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@cinolasBe sure the paypal cert is up-to-date. To do that, download the Phoenix version (be sure it is the Phoenix version), extract the ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt file and upload it to the same location on your server.

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