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Problems modifying items in database

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Need to know if there is some sort of fix for this...


We use OSCommerce for several of our company web sites. It seems that the web sites that have a big number of products in their database flake out when I try to make changes to them.


By flaking out I mean...about 95% of the time if I go into the site manager and select an existing item in a database to modify, I will change the info I need (like model), hit preview button, everything looks good, but when I hit enter and view, none of my changes want to write to the database or only half of them will. Sometimes the product image names keep disappearing, the price will be 0.00 and any item that has options (like ring size), it seems to drop those as well.


I usually go into phpMyAdmin and try and fix what I can when the Site Manager isn't cooperating. While in phpMyAdmin, I get MYSQL errors about not being able to do a table replace and stuff like that. Sometimes if I go in and change the products_last_modified date, it will write to the database.


Most of the time when I enter a new item into the database, I enter the product image in the Site Manager, but I get an image does not exist error. So I reupload the image. then go and find the item in phpMyAdmin and add it there. Sometimes it updates the database, sometimes it doesn't. I have to reenter data 3 and 4 times for it to take!


It's VERY frustrating!!! Does anyone know of anything I can do to fix this!


Thank you!!!!

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The php.ini setting for maximum script run time may be set too low and the screen is probably displaying before the script has had enough time to run completely. Ordinarily, you get warning messages when this happens, but may not if you have disabled the applicable warning levels in php.ini. The setting for the maximum amount of memory to use for scripts immediately follows the above setting. You might want to allocate more memory to php to allow your scripts to run to completion faster.


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