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Installing Hooks support in 2.3.4 BS GOLD


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I'm running osC 2.3.4 BS GOLD on Apache/2.4.41 and php 5.6.40 (Zend: 2.6.0)

Yes, I know, I should migrate to the latest community version, but my store is hugely customized and that would be a lot of work. So I'm looking to make my version work.

My main goal is to get Sitelinks on my search results on google. To help google pick those up, I need to do several things: including good structured data on my site, and add a sitemap. I couldn't find a contribution that does the structured data for the schema, but I did find one that does the Sitemap: https://apps.oscommerce.com/IxdYt&sitemap-seo by @Jack_mcs

Side question: Does this contribution generate the sitemap XML to submit to google? or does it only do a local sitemap page?

I downloaded version 2.2 of Sitemap SEO since it was made for the 2.3.4 BS version, and that version was still supported as opposed to Sitemap SEO 2.3 where it only gives instructions for EDGE or Phoenix.

I tried installing it but it gave me a broken page on product_info, presumably because the hook there didn't work. It looks like my version doesn't have the Hooks system installed.

*** I don't claim to know or understand the Hooks system, I just want to make my version compatible with contributions that are Hook based. I understand just enough php and SQL to get by. Willing to learn but I'm goal oriented.

So I looked into installing the hook system, since I had heard it was possible, and found this: http://multimixer.gr/30/10/2015/how-to-install-the-oscommerce-hook-system/

And this: https://apps.oscommerce.com/p9Yyp&hook-system

I followed Multimixer's instructions, but there's no closing ?> in my /includes/application_top.php, and applying the instructions breaks my site.

So how can I install the Hooks System in my 2.3.4 BS GOLD so that hook based contrib like Sitemap SEO works?
Any other recommendations on how to get structured data on my osC, or sitelinks in my search engine results are greatly appreciated :D

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15 minutes ago, cinolas said:

I followed Multimixer's instructions, but there's no closing ?> in my /includes/application_top.php, and applying the instructions breaks my site.

The closing ?> is not required many times so you may not have it in some files. In that case, the instruction just means to place the code at the bottom of the file. You have make the other changes before trying that change because the code being added is looking for the other code.

Regarding Sitemap SEO, the Frozen version should work in your shop. Sitemap SEO is an on-page sitemap. It is useful for the search engines as well as people. But you should install the Google Sitemap too since it is meant just for the search engines.

As I recall Gold did not have much code with regards to SEO so I suggest you also install Header Tags SEO.

And Information Pages SEO helps quite a bit with targeting specific keywords.

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