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Looking for a script ...


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Hello there,


I know this is not the exact place for this, but because I don?t want this tied into my osC script I thought it better here then anywhere else. I?m looking for a script and was wondering if any one here would be able to help me.


What I need is a wishlist/suggestion box sort of script where people can tell me what they would like to see added to different areas of my site. Basically, I don't want a way of dishing out work - I can do that in IM or in an email - I want a place where members can enter ideas of what they would like to see added to a tool or their members area, etc, then I can go through and see what are good ideas and which are not, then have those things added etc. I want to also have an area separate from the members that ties into the same database where we can look at staff ideas etc. I want all ideas to be singly owned - no alterations on any ideas - if someone has a similar idea, great, then add it, and we will sort from there. Staff should see members ideas, members should see other member ideas, but not staffs ? the last thing that I need is the ability to track the idea in the background for any future use.


I am not a programmer, but I can install scripts slowly. lol Does anyone know of a script out there that can be used for this?


Many thanks!!

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