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How To Install SSL Correctly


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Hi There,

Recently, I have joined this forum to know how to install SSL certificate.

I have purchased web hosting from bigrock where they gave me a free SSL certification for my website xplormedia dot com. I tried to install that but getting error while redirecting URLs. I have already contacted them but got no solution as they replied "find a developer by your side to get solution". I am neither technical person nor have any amount to pay to a developer.

My website's homepage is redirecting from http:// to https:// but when I am checking internal pages then it is showing two different URLs, first with http:// and another one with https://

Please gently lead me!




Editor of Hosting Reviews India

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There are 3 areas that need to be set up correctly ...

1) Your website is XplorMedia.com. It is NOT www.XplorMedia.com. Note the www. prefix. You need to make sure that your SSL certificate and website name match.

2a) You need to make sure your .htaccess file redirects people to the correct name. In other words, if people type www.XplorMedia.com, your .htaccess file needs to redirect them to XplorMedia.com (without the www.).

2b) Your .htaccess file must then redirect people to your https:// site.

3) In osCommerce, there are two configuration files:

<shop root>/includes/configure.php

<shop root>/<your admin directory>/includes/configure.php

BOTH of these need to be edited to reflect that you are using a SSL certificate. For example,

  define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com');
  define('HTTPS_SERVER', 'https://XplorMedia.com');
  define('ENABLE_SSL', true);

Note that there is no www. in the URLs (since your site, and SSL certificate aren't using it), that the httpS is in BOTH URLs, and that ENABLE_SSL is set to true.



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Log in to WHM
Log in to WHM, this can typically be accessed by going to https://domain.com:2087.

Enter Username/Password
Enter your Username/Password and click Log in.

Go to your Homepage
Make sure you’re on your WHM Homepage.

Click the SSL/TLS button.

Click Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain
In your SSL/TLS Manager page, click Install an SSL Certificate on a Domain.

Type in your domain name
In the Domain field, type the domain name you want to secure with your SSL Certificate.

Input your Certificate Files
Copy and paste your Certificate Files into the appropriate text box(s).

8. Click Install
Once you’ve inputted the Certificate Files into the correct boxes, click Install.

I hope this is helpful!

Tim Paine

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