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Discount Add-On Coding Help (Third Attempt)


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This is my third time trying to get help with this, and none of the other posts showed up. I really need help configuring this, because I am having trouble figuring out the php coding. I just want to create a discount code of 15% off that ends June 30. It will not be for a specific customer, or a specific item.

I am new to this, so I am having trouble figuring out the codes. I downloaded the add on, and installed it. Now I just need to configure it. I keep looking at the coding, trying to figure it out, but I am still have difficulty and need HELP!

PLEASE don't delete this post. I really need help with this, so I really need for it to show up in the forum. The other 2 posts DID NOT, so I was not able to get the help I need.

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@terriwarrenYou should post your question in the support thread for whichever addon you installed (there's more than one). Posting it elsewhere means the people that can help may not see the post. You should also state what version of oscommerce you are using.

Support Links:

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I DID THAT! I mentioned the version of osCommerce and the add-on. It was in the forum for the order total discount add-on, which is what this is. THE POSTS NEVER SHOWED UP! How can anyone respond to a post they never see?

Is someone going to help me with this or not? I did everything I was supposed to do. If they don't allow the post to stay up, no one can help me.

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I can see your previous threads: 

But please note that none of these do what Jack suggested.  Which is to find the existing thread for the particular App that you are using and post in that existing thread.  You keep posting new threads.  I can't even tell just by reading what App you have tried.  You posted a name but I'd have to search to see if I could find it. 

You seem to be confusing a forum with a thread.  This is the Order Total module forum.  It is where developers go to post support threads for Apps.  It's not really intended for users to post question threads.  And in general, your threads aren't asking the kind of questions that people can help you.  I've read them.  I don't know the answer to the questions you are asking.  The only person who might know is the developer who made the App.  If the developer has not responded to you so far, then it is quite likely that that person is not reading the forum actively.  Posting in the actual support thread might notify that person. 

It's also possible that the App is not actively supported.  It might need a new developer to take it over or to code a new one.  To interest such a developer, you would have to pay that person.  Because there aren't roving developers just waiting around to do free work. 

Alternately, if you are actively trying to code something yourself, you could show us what you tried, what you thought/hoped would happen, and what actually did happen.  Then ask for help making it work the way that you wanted.  But as is, your question basically comes down to you wanting to do something and asking us to figure out how to do it for you.  And frankly, I'm far too lazy to do that.  In general, if your question requires us to find and download an App (or two) just to figure out what you're actually asking, it's unlikely that anyone will try to answer it. 

Always back up before making changes.

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I posted it on the page that was suggested. I even clicked on the link, I didn't enter the address myself. PLEASE tell me where to go to get help, because I check on the forum where I added the new threads, and they were not there. I am getting frustrated with this whole thing.

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11 minutes ago, terriwarren said:

The header of the page says [add on] Discount Code (support) If that isn't the right forum, what is?

you already had your answer from Reiner in your first attempt. he told you to do it in the admin section

click on catalog and u should have a link discount code you set the discounts there.

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login pop up modal

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