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Duplicate Entry - Purchase without account


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I'm having a problem with this contribution.

When I try to purchase without an account, I get the error message below.


1062 - Duplicate entry '1' for key 1


insert into address_book (customers_id, address_book_id, entry_firstname, entry_lastname, entry_street_address, entry_postcode, entry_city, entry_country_id, entry_company, entry_suburb, entry_zone_id, entry_state) values ('10', '1', 'rwehrfhjk', 'jdsfhjsk', 'sjkldk', '43432', 'fklsk', '223', '', 'dfgk', '23', '')




I looked in the address_book table, and there are no fields for customers_id set to 10. Also, when I looked in the customers table, I noticed that those values above were already inserted.


Please help.



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I don't think that this is unique to PWA contrib, since I don't have that contrib and am having the same issue.


It occurs every time I try to enter another customer. I have read a variety of solutions, but none apply to me. Like disabling the PayPal module, and modifying the address_book_id field to auto-increment (it already is). I checked the code on create_account_process.php and it assigns the first address #1, and I suppose that is nessecary since you need to have a primary address. Then each additional one in your address book is assigned an incrementing number.


Has anyone fixed this, or have a possible solution? I want to go live...




John Croson

Technology Operations Manager

Racine Art Museum

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