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turning off notification-function


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I want to turnoff the notification-function, but I have no idea how to....


in the file checkout_succes.php I found this code:


if ($global['global_product_notifications'] != '1') {


so I suspect you can just toggle this function on or off, but where can I do this...I couldn't find it in the admin area :(


I wander how long it will take before someone adds a reply to my post (this is my first post) :wink:

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sry, I wasn't specific enough...


I want to turn off the option that customers have the option to be notificated about updates....right? as if the whole 'product notification tool' didn't even exist;


more technically said: I want to change the variable




to 0 (or 1...I'm confused now);



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You can elimate the thing in column right, put a double slash : // in front of, require (DIR_WS_BOXES . 'product_notifications.php' if you have two lines, do them both

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  • 4 months later...

Yeh OK. I can't find a straightforward answer to this either.


Looks to me like 'global_product_notifications' is actually a per-user variable (rather than a global one) that's selected from the database (table customers_info) at the top of checkout_success.php.


The point I think this thread (and others) is trying to make is - why test this variable at all if it's always going to return true? I can't find anywhere that's going to set this value to anything except 0, although I haven't looked very carefully through account_notifications.php yet.


Well I have two suggestions, and I'd like to know what people think in terms of how it could break other things.


The first is to configure your database to set the customers_info.global_product_notifications field to default to 1 instead of 0 (presuming nothing is actually physically inserting the 0 value).


The second is to change all the tests to read:


if ($global['global_product_notifications'] != '0')


instead of


if ($global['global_product_notifications'] != '1')


The thing is the test occurs several times (e.g. queries are made and arrays built if it returns true), so commenting out the part that displays the notifications as suggested is only a half solution, although that's what I'll be doing for now.




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