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The e-commerce.

Almost ready to go live


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Hi all,


I'm just about ready to go live with my gift store - just waiting for my AuthorizeNet account to come through. I'd welcome any feedback and suggestions for improvement.


One thing to keep an eye out for: I installed the SSL certificate, and it seems to work OK on my machine, but please let me know if you get any warning or errors, or if anything looks strange. (Also let me know what browser you are using.)


Feel free to set up a test account (just use the name Test Test - I'll delete all info later, don't worry!). You can even elect to pay by check/m.o. - just to test out the entire process. Again, I will know these are test orders!


Thanks in advance for your help and your time!



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One or two small nigggles:


Your header is align left and 757 pixels wide, but the footer is 100%.


The logo needs more antialiasing and isn't too obvious, the 'that' is very small and feint.


"Hone, My Account, Cart, Checkout" are a nice font, but they don't match anything else - and don't look like links.


The link in footer.php eamils to HPDL.

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Lose the default OSC buttons. They don't match your site at all. You also need to change some colors in the style sheet to match your site (forms for example). Kill the counter. It makes it look amateurish. :wink:

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Thanks Zaq - that helps. I think I have the colors straight now! And I agree about the counter.


Which default OSC buttons do you mean?



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I think he means the default blue oval buttons for "In Cart", "Continue shopping", "Update", etc. He's right - some nice peach buttons would look good. Hello, Photoshop elements! :-)




"Managing programmers is like herding cats."

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I would either center the site as "800" or align all left. I just visited and found the site to make me lean and always not focus on items. (Banners, Boxes and text not lining up).


You products should go in with larger images. I wanted to see some of the teddy bears, but I was unable to get a clear enough shot to make any real decision.


Other than that, nice job so far and keep up the good work. :)



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Hi Broadway, thanks for the feedback. I need to work on my bear supplier for some better pictures!


Regarding the centering and alignment - I tried to change some things (including making the boxes more narrow), but now I think I made it worse :? Can you tell me how to make the site "800" or align all left?


Specifically, where do I change the alignment for the boxes? Also, how do I change the alignment of the body? I tried some things in default.php, but I think I got myself all screwed up!


Any info you have to get me started would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks again

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