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The e-commerce.

shipping cost values


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hi, im not sure but i believe i have the version responsive if correct thats EDGE i think?

in the shipping table i have 5:0.90,20:1,80

i work on weight

i do not get the shipping cost correct, what ever i try.
so i say on the product,  the weight is 5
then i buy one i assume i get costs of 0,90 euro
if i buy 5 i assume i get 1,80euro
because 5 x 5 is 25 so you go to the next step but whatevery i try, it doesn do what i want.

thank you.


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i have it on zero.

because this is the weight of your envelop.
and afcourse there needs to be a value that i understand.

but even so , my thinking is. if that would be zero. and i use the value above

it still needs to be 0-19 gram = 0.90euro cent, and 20-50 = 1.80 eurocent
then if the tara weight would be 10gram

i have a item that is 8gram, the total is 18gram  so the cost are 0,90
because i have an handle fee of 0,30 eurocent.

the total would be 1,20 euro cent

or am i total thinking wrong

from the start im using oscommerce, and thats i think 5 years or longer, i never got it to work correctly.

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5:0.90,20:1.80 says that if the average weight per box is

  • 5 or less, the shipping cost is 0.90 per box;
  • more than 5 but less than or equal to 20, the shipping cost is 1.80 per box;
  • more than 20, the shipping is free.

It implicitly assumes that if you have more than 20, it will be split across multiple boxes.  But it doesn't enforce that.  It will allow you to select a table where a weight per box more than 20 is free.  The maximum weight per box is set by SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT in admin > Configuration > Shipping/Packaging > 'Enter the Maximum Package Weight you will ship'.  So you probably want that number to match the maximum number here (20 in this example). 

You also might verify that the module is configured to use weight rather than price.    And that SHIPPING_BOX_PADDING is set to 0 at admin > Configuration > Shipping/Packaging > 'Larger packages - percentage increase.'. 

Always back up before making changes.

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