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A personal complete failure my end:
In the back days i coded in notepad++ ( currently use sublime, yet i still open sometimes files in notepad++ and code in it).
Same time opened a file on the live server ( the same file i had open in notepad++)

So i coded the code in notepad++, i nicely save it ( with my adjustments).
I reload the website ( on the server end).
AND NOTHING HAPPENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Back to notepad++............."why it not work?"
So i make checks on the code i wrote.............
Not even these show up on the live server..... WTF is going on, IMPOSSIBLE.
After several attemps and hours later.............
I found out i was writing the code for my LOCAL SERVER (WAMP) instead to the LIVE SERVER.
FTP'íng the same "unchanged" file over and over.

(now i use winSCP, so i open the file and edit/save directly from the server)

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