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Hello, this is Adam with Bibbtool.

Jack_mcs has been helping us make a new site for a few months now, and it went live today.

I need help testing the site, and would love some recommendations for things that need to be changed.

The site is: https://www.bibbtool.com/

I could really use some feedback.


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jQuery version is out of date (and I think the version you have on site is the insecure version) => Update to jquery 3.4.1

There is a very large gap under the footer (the gap size seems to change depending on what page you're looking at) => investigate what is causing that gap

Other than that, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  It looks fine to me.


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Had a fast look and it looks great.

The only small issue I saw on a first glance is that the category image thumbs on the home page loose quality if zooming in. Try to set the image size according to the zoom in size (about 25% bigger) to have the images better shown.

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Nice header layout and banner display, nice to see good quality images beeing used.

A small issue with the brands menu when open it's outside the viewport and adds scroll which on laptop without touch screen is imposiable to use as if you move to scroll the menu is gone. Big dropdowns are always tricky.



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On 8/16/2019 at 4:53 PM, JcMagpie said:

A small issue with the brands menu

Looks like you have a in line style set on this "width 100%" which is causing the over flow. You can either move the start point with an off set or just reduce the width. Simple css should work

.ul-manufacturer {

width: 70%!important;


will give you this, as you can see dropdown is now all visable. Another option is to set a max width and add "overflow:scroll;" into the css to make any overflow scroll on the screen.



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