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The e-commerce.

Problems with pictures


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Hi, Im relatively new to this....I have installed everything and it seem to work just fine.


However, when adding a new product and then previewing, I get the following error message :


Warning: move_uploaded_file(/catalog/images/Jm1294.jpg): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in c:inetpubwwwrootadminincludesfunctionsgeneral.php on line 789


Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move 'C:PHPuploadtempphp22.tmp' to '/catalog/images/Jm1294.jpg' in c:inetpubwwwrootadminincludesfunctionsgeneral.php on line 789




If you know what this mean and how to fix it, I would really appreciate it.

Many thanks.

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While I would love to say this is an awesome product, for people without tip-top technical skills, it seems really really difficult to use.


Way too many fiddly things. Nice for the techies, sucks for anyone else. I mean just look at the questions asked on this forum.


I am sure that if you have the skills it rocks. For me - too many wasted hours. I need sleep! Maybe try again tomorrow.

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sounds like you need to step back and take a very deep breath, trust me i am no programmer by any means, but once you start reading the topics in here(and there is one to fit any problem you are having) you will start learning very fast if you stick with it. when i first start using osc a week ago i got so fed up i deleted it from my domain and was getting set to go with actinic software to do the website, but after a programming friend of mine talked with me i decided to give it one more shot and i am happy with it, you can do almost anything if you are prepared to have patience and do alot of reading. check out the site so far www.dynopakcomputers.com we have quite a bite of tweaking to do, but i am doing alot of the "coding" if you will. my friend is doing all of the security issues, as he has a security buisness already(www.gulftech.org tell'em Ratt sent ya) he has awesome rates and is nothing less than SPECTACULAR in programming and internet security. if you want someone elses opinon run a google search on JeiAr and wait till you see when the results start pouring out. if i can help with anything i will certainly try http://wiki.oscommerce.com/helpHowtoTextGenera

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