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How to restart or change a value in a session


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Hey Everyone, I'm currently working on an online store where the tax depends on the county that you are currently in. It currently correctly grabs the correct tax as long as you have not changed your county address in your account. When you do change your address, the session keeps the old county address and uses that for the tax. I've been trying to use the current functions of OSC to try and restart the session or update the current session with the new address but nothing seems to work. What can I do to update the session upon changing the address?

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This would be a lot easier to make suggestions if you told us what you changed to make it work if the county is entered and never changed.  Also, what are you trying?  It might be easier to explain why that doesn't work than to try to explain in the abstract how to make it so it does work. 

The normal method to do this would be to use zone-based tax.  If the zone isn't getting updated properly, that might be a bug in osCommerce.  What version are you using? 

Always back up before making changes.

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