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The e-commerce.

PHP Gods, how did my store go down out of no where?


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Last night it was up. This morning it's down. Hers the error:



1016 - Can't open file: 'whos_online.MYI'. (errno: 145)


delete from whos_online where time_last_click < '1056744504'




Any clue how to fix? Im a PHP moron so I hope someone here can clue me in! Thx

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Thx bud, your a stud. I'll use the search function from now on before posting.


Prolly dumb question, but where is PHPmyadmin located?


Did a full search of my sites contents and cant find a file by this name. I assume I just go in and edit the file w/ the code on the thread you passed over correcT?

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That's weird...


My site went down this afternoon with the exact same message. I didnt even know, one of my customers emailed me about it, and when I finally got home and checked my email, I went and looked at my site, and it was the exact same error message.


Came here, did a search, and voila.. someone else with the exact same problem, and a solution posted.


thanks for the fixes and help Bear Man..



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