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FAREWELL AAS ( Alternative Administration System )


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I want to inform you about the status of the addon Alternative Administration Systemhttps://apps.oscommerce.com/YfzFh&alternative-administration-system-v0-3 ).

After a long thought I decided to stop supporting and developing the Alternative Administration System (AAS) .

The main reason is that no money no honey. I cannot support something that does not give me back any money.

I made a mistake when releasing the AAS version v0.3 back in 2014. I had decided to give it for free and offered the modules at a price. But it did not work.

Although the AAS modules were very good and useful for example the Products Monitor: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/modules/osCommerce/products_monitor or the Payment Report module: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/modules/osCommerce/payments_report admins did not show any interest except a few...

I would like to thank those who supported AAS by making a donation. You will find the list here: http://www.alternative-administration-system.com/donations .

AAS will be available in github: https://github.com/gadlol/alternative-administration-system/ The dedicated website for AAS will be online until the end of July.

Thank you all for having used and using AAS.

LOL: After searching in Google for  "AAS Farewell" I found this video called AAS Farewell Party 2012. So I say goodbye to AAS with that:  





Check out the great Alternative Administration System addon for osCommerce!

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Hello John,

I'm sorry to hear this, it is a pity that one of the best contributions, if not the best, is discontinued and without support.
I understand that you have made a decision, but I wonder if you would be willing to upgrade to php7 and phoenix version for an amount that you consider,
the idea is cover this goal by users who would like to see the development again works.

Thanks for consider

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For relunch this great addon is need to start about 500/1000 €

I offer until 25% necessary (125-250€), depending the interest from the others forum users, I could cover the rest..

The idea is John create it from scratch for do compatible to phoenix.

If you use this addon in the past or like to use in the future, now is the moment to funding the project,
please post the amount that you commit to contribute.

I'm start this money pot with 125 €

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On 3/7/2020 at 3:55 PM, toughmama said:

I'll offer a $100 - Love AAS - Simplicity

Thanks for your contribution.

dominiosc - 125 €
toughmama - $100 (around 90€)
Total:  215 €  /  remaining: 300-800 €

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On 4/5/2020 at 9:33 PM, gamersbusinesslw said:

If the programmer updates AAS to use on Oscommerce CE Phoenix then I will donate $100 towards the project.


Thanks for your contribution.

dominiosc - 125 €
toughmama - $100 (around 90€)
gamersbusinesslw - $100 (around 90€)
Total:  305 €  /  remaining: 200-700 €

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