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limiting shipping details that are writting to orders_total

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Hi all,
So at the moment is appears that FLAT_TEXT_TITLE and FLAT_TEXT_WAY from public_html/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/flat.php are written to order_total

  1. Is it an easy change to only write the shipping modules TEXT_TITLE to order_total and how
  2. will doing this break anything else

The issue is I have a fairly long TEXT_WAY and this is then appearing in customers order and invoice making a mess of things

Many thanks

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Would be better to fix the invoice than messing with the code. Better still just shorten your text?

if you using frozen then look in


 class methods
    function quote($method = '') {
      global $order;

      $this->quotes = array('id' => $this->code,
                            'module' => MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_TITLE,
                            'methods' => array(array('id' => $this->code,
                                                     'title' => MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_TEXT_WAY,
                                                     'cost' => MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_COST)));



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