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Moving customers and Orders v2.3.4 -> v2.3.4.1 CE

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Hi guys, bear in mind I am a shop owner with some some computer back ground.
I need to move my customers and orders from v2.3.4 to v2.3.4.1 CE Frozen

So table wise is the below everything I need?

In phpmyadmin, there are a heap of choices to make during the export
IE do I want data and structure or only data?
with all the tick boxes do I need to turn any off that are on / turn any on that are current off?

During import do I need to do anything other than select the file and click import?

Many thanks


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Backup the database!

Export data only.

Import a file or text.

The main thing to backup!

+ customers_basket,  customers_basket_attributes, customers_info, sessions

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Thanks @bonbec but to be able to migrate to a new setup the shop needs to be fully setup with stock and all the oddon's etc leaving customers as the last to bring across so the script to update a database to a new version just won't cut it


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Simply compare the old table with the new and if structure is the same just export data only and truncate table in new site and import data.

If table structure is not the same then edit old data to make it match new table stuctucture and then truncate new table and import data only.

I found it best to do one table at a time on a test database ( ie not the live one) and only when all imports were done with no errors repeat it on the live db.


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So @JcMagpie when you say compare the table you mean the below. If the layout of each is the same then all will be good. So in this case address book is good

When you say one table at the time so can export / import the address book and if all good move on to the next one?

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No you need to look at the raw data in the db. Use export to out put the raw data like this. Thisis a comparison of offical osC and CE Edge address book table structure.

Your looking for any difference between the tables, I simply use WinMerge to compare the 2 files. If they are the same your good to go.



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Do this for each table and you should be fine. As allways backup. I would always recomend making a copy of the new site db so if it all goes tit's up you can just replace the db.

Begin by accessing phpMyAdmin via cPanel or Plesk.
  1. Select the database you wish to copy (by clicking on the database from the phpMyAdmin home screen).
  2. Once inside the database, select the Operations tab.
  3. Scroll down to the section where it says "Copy database to:"
  4. Type in the name of the new database.




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So not a good start the charset seems to be different the old database which we are moving data from is on the right and I have checked the export options for " Character set of the file: " and latin1 is not an options

New frozen database on the left



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So apart from the charset the tables where all the same. And gave it a go and all worked - fantastic

According to google = Using truncate table is better then using delete as it ignores all the indexes and just removes everything

So even if I have test sales and orders in the database using truncate and import will empty the database before filling it with the new data -> which is exactly what I wanted

A few more evenings of moving product and adding new product and we should be able to move the shop to it's new home and go live = wow

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