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The e-commerce.

Stop Google adding bogus names


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Not sure about Google results, they appear in my customers section.

I assume it is google as they put google in the company name.

The names are bizarre like wise the address


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These are penetration/vulnerability tests performed by hacker bots.  They're mostly automated and will attempt to insert code into the registration input fields (as well as any other forms they can find), submit the form and then wait to see if they can produce an error or unintended result from that submission.  If they get an error an unintended result then they'll test further to gain entry and/or inject code so that your store harvests information for their gain such as displaying credit card fields to your store visitors that they'll then clean out after capturing the data.

As long as long as your store isn't using a very old version of osC then you should be fine and you can just delete the bogus registrations.

To minimise the amount of these registrations look into integrating Google reCaptcha for your forms.

If it still don't work, hit it again!

Senior PHP Dev with 18+ years of commercial experience for hire, all requirements considered, see profile for more information.

Is your version of osC up to date? You'll find the latest osC version (the community-supported responsive version) here.

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  • 2 months later...

Wow this guy/s is not going away. Have been away for two weeks and he has loaded 432 false customers & I have blocked 41 IP addresses.

I contacted my techy guy for my website but he was of the opinion there is nothing I can do.

I delete about 4 false customer names every day since April, it's getting to me.

I need some closure on this one.

Gee the time it took me to write the above I have another 4 false customers , there has to be a way to stop this it takes too much of my time.

Any help appreciated.


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So...what steps have you taken so far other than;

  • deleting out names after they've been added
  • contacting your clueless techy guy

Have you installed (eg)

  • Capcha
  • Honeypot
  • Action Recorder

What version of osCommerce are you using?

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Try adding a captcha or honey pot addon and see if that helps. They can be found in the addons area. I am  a bit surprised that your techy guy didnt suggest doing something. Leaving it is not an option.


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