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How can I change the colors of these buttons in the header? It looks like they are 'drawn' by some javascript? I was able to change the background color but it looks like an image loads on top of that. I can't find where that is located. I am running version

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I can't advise you because I don't know specifically which osC version you're using. Buttons might be drawn in different ways in different versions. Something you can do is bring up the page in question, ask the browser for the page source (often ctrl+U), and examine it to see if it's text or it's an image. If it's text, you should be able to put some CSS in user.css ( versions only!); if it's an image, you'll have to use an image editor to change colors.

By the way, if you're running the "official" release, be aware that it's totally obsolete and unsupported. If you're just starting out, think about changing over to "Frozen" as the up-to-date release, before you get too heavily invested in the obsolete version. Links to Frozen (and its patch set) are below in my signature. If you're too heavily invested to change over to Frozen, well, good luck. You'll find it more and more painful as time goes by to stay with the official release, especially after your host upgrades their PHP to version 7.

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9 hours ago, charmdiva said:

How can I change the colors of these buttons in the header?

If you are refering to the official software then you look to be running a custom style so you will need to edit the stylesheet.css file


If you are refering to a new frozen CE site then you can do that by editing the user.css or instal and use this addon.

JcM Color Brand V1.0

take a look at this,



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