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InfoBoxHeader editing


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Hi guys, I wantged to put image sin the left hand and right hand corner of all theinfo boxes I was using.


I succesfuly managed to edit all the ones in the left and righthand column by opening the specific info box (ie - categores.php or shopping_cart.php and changing the term:


$infoboxheader = false, true (or true, false or false, false)




$infoboxheader = true, true which nicely coded for the little images (left_corner and right_corner) to be place din the corner of the boxes.


However, I dont know how to edit the boxes in the middle of the screen (ie - "New ITems FOr June" Info Box). I need this header to also match the others, but I dont kno whow to get the corner images place dinto thios header:


for reference ,p pleaase visit:




As you can see, the "New items" box header does not have the desired ending image. Please can anyone help, its not a massive problem but its annoying me at the back of my mind,


Thanks so kindly for anyones help!!

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You can change the images that are placed on the corners of the content boxes in the includes/classes/boxes.php file.


Look for the line like this (somewhere around line 160):


class contentBoxHeading extends tableBox {


A few lines below this you will see an array containing 3 additional arrays. The first of the 3 controls the left image and the 3rd of the 3 arrays controls the right image.


For example you might have some code like this:


'text' => tep_image(DIR_WS_IMAGES . 'infobox/corner_right_left.gif'


You can change the reference to the image here to whatever image you want to show in your content boxes corner.


Note that both corners are controlled individually.


I hope this helps.



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apart from editing the images, can they be taken out completely ??


I am trying to apply a border to the box-head, but keep getting a border on these images as well.

i turned them into transparent images...which is fine if no border is used.

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