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Stripe Payment Module


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I have been trying to get the Stripe Payment module updated fora while, but can get no interest from anyone that knows what they are doing. Earlier last week I received the following email from Stripe.



On 14 September 2019, a new European regulatory requirement called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) will introduce two-factor authentication requirements for many online payments in Europe. We expect this regulation to be enforced in the UK regardless of the outcome of Brexit. Payments that aren’t authenticated will be declined by your customers’ banks.

We’ve released a new payments API and SCA-ready products to help you prepare for this change. To get ready for these new rules and avoid having many European payments declined, you’ll need to make changes to your payment flows and Stripe integration by 14 September 2019. Read our docs to learn more about SCA and the required changes.

It now looks as if the current Stripe module will no longer work after 14th September unless there is an update. If the module is not updated, myself and others that use Stripe as a payment method will have to move to an ecommerce cart that has updated their payment system. Is there one developer out there that is prepared to update this module. I am sure costs could be discussed.

I also assume that other payment modules will need to be updates also.

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Hi @14steve14,

I've been looking at the stripe Migration Guide and can't understand how to make this update. It's beyond my capability.

If there is a developer out there, I'll be willing to contriubute.


osC CE live - developing osC Phoenix adding modules with no core changes(awesome and easy!)

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Me too.

On 4/20/2019 at 7:55 AM, 14steve14 said:

I also assume that other payment modules will need to be updates also.

@14steve14 That is the killer sentence. I am sure that there will be other key payment modules that WILL have to be updated. Many, including Stripe, are by HPDL and there lies a problem...

Live shop Phoenix on PHP 7.4 Working my way up the versions.

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@mhsuffolk  Its a huge problem and one that I cannot see being sorted. As its a payment industry thing others are bound to have to be updated. I have tried to find a developer to update the stripe module and no one is interested. Tried on people per hour and only got unknowledgeable people wanting daft money or developers from oscommerce who are partners and wont allow to give the updated module to the community.


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