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value output


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What kind of data is this in the database? Is it a string (TEXT, etc.)? Is its format consistent, or is it something that could vary quite a bit?

By the way, a question like this belongs in PHP / SQL / Web Design.

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Well, you didn't answer my question about the data type, but I'll assume this is for table (weight) shipping cost, so it would be a string in PHP. The more general case would be $table_list being a string of comma-separated fields, each max_weight:cost. The following would split up this long list $table_list into two numbers per entry: $max_weight and $cost.

$entries = explode(',', $table_list);
foreach ($entries as $entry) {
    ($max_weight, $cost) = explode(':', $entry);
    // do what you want with this weight and cost

I didn't get fancy and try to split it with preg_split(), because there might be spaces at both the commas and the colons. You'll have to trim off any leading and trailing spaces around the number, if you want pretty formatting. If all you have is the $entry, as in your first post, the explode(':', $entry) line would do the job.

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The resolution from @MrPhil is very good. Clear and effective!!!


Your explode isn't right. You don't need an start or an end tag.
I recommand you shoul read here https://www.php.net/manual/en/function.explode.php


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