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Error after Installation --HELP

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I get the error below when I installed the add on. Any help will be greatly appreciated.





1146 - Table xxxxx.table_manufacturers' doesn't exist

select m.manufacturers_id, m.manufacturers_name, m.manufacturers_image, mi.manufacturers_url from TABLE_MANUFACTURERS m left join TABLE_MANUFACTURERS_INFO mi on (m.manufacturers_id = mi.manufacturers_id and mi.languages_id = '0'), TABLE_PRODUCTS p where p.products_id = '28' and p.manufacturers_id = m.manufacturers_id


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First, which version of osCommerce are you using, and what is the add-on you are trying to install?

Second, if you are using a new-ish version of the Community Edition, please note that the database tables have now all been hard-coded (instead of being referenced in the database.php file). The solution is to find this database query in your add-on code, and change:

From                                                       To

TABLE_MANUFACTURES                    manufactures

TABLE_MANUFACTURES_INFO         manufactures_info

TABLE_PRODUCTS                               products




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Your not the first and probably not going to be the last that downloads Edge by mistake! Very few add-on's will work with edge as it's changing all the time. This has already been coverd in the support thread. Your going to have to make the changes required your self or bettter still download and install the stable version.




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