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How to install Paypal to Frozen osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE


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3 hours ago, fantomen said:

How to install Paypal to Frozen osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE

If you mean how to make changes to the files, it should already be done.

If you mean how do you install it in admin, click on the Paypal->Start link. Use either method to fill in your  credentials. Then install the module you want and test it.

If neither is what you mean or if you are having problems doing either, post a more details question.

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When I click on this button View Update


An update is available for this App!

View Update

Manage API Credentials

Enter your PayPal API Credentials and start selling with PayPal.

Manage Your API Credentials


After I have clicked on View Update then I can see this page:


v5.000 (11 Nov 2016)

Use PayPal API 204.

Add Merchant Account ID field to Manage Credentials page.

PayPal Express Checkout: Enable In-Context checkout flow by default.

PayPal Express Checkout: Add configuration parameters to control Checkout with PayPal button color, shape, and size.

Remove country restrictions for API Retrieval service.

General improvements and bugfixes.

v5.001 (19 Feb 2017)

Fix getIdentifier() usage in the PayPal Payments Standard module.

v5.010 (1 Mar 2017)

Add new general App parameter to test and use the default server configured SSL version when performing API requests to PayPals servers or force TLS v1.2 connections. (TLS v1.2 connections are required from June 30, 2017)

Use the customer address suburb value as the street2 parameter value for Payments Standard, Express Checkout, Direct Payment, and Hosted Solution.

Payments Standard: If "receiver_email" is not returned back to the store, fallback to "business" to verify the transaction with.

Payments Standard: Disable the module if the App API Credentials or module PDT configuration parameters have not been entered. Either is now required to be able to verify the transaction when the customer returns back to the store after payment is made.

Payments Standard: Strip extra slashes that were being logged.

Payments Standard: Remove deprecated NO_NOTE and PAGE_STYLE parameters. (deprecated Sept. 2016)

Express Checkout: Remove deprecated ALLOWNOTE and PAGESTYLE parameters. (deprecated Sept. 2016)

Update osCommerce links from http to https.

v5.011 (4 Mar 2017)

Added compatibility layer for v2.3.4 BS Community Edition.

v5.014 (5 Mar 2017)

Express Checkout: Update checkout.js javascript to v4.

Display EC requirement notice on the DP configuration page if EC is not enabled.

Always show the View button on the PayPal App Log page.

v5.016 (11 Mar 2017)

Express Checkout: Pass the in-store selected shipping rate to the Instant Update Callback request and keep the shipping rate selected when the available shipping rates are displayed.

Express Checkout: If a shipping rate has been selected in-store (eg, the customer did not use the "PayPal Check out" button on the shopping cart page but went through the in-store checkout procedure and selected Express Checkout as the payment method), keep the selected shipping rate when returning back to the store checkout confirmation page.

The online update packages for v5.011 and v5.014 contained a hardcoded "admin/" path to update the "admin/paypal.php" file - if a custom administration directory name is used, please delete the "admin/" directory, this should only contain one "paypal.php" file which the v5.011 and v5.014 online update packages created.

v5.018 (12 Mar 2017)

Express Checkout: Allow a custom stylesheet to be loaded to help with the styling and positioning of the checkout buttons shown on the shopping cart page.

Express Checkout: Add "id" to the checkout button html tags used on the shopping cart page.


When I click on Apply Update button then I see this:



Applying Updates

Downloading v5.000 …

Applying v5.000 …

Error: Could not apply v5.000!

An error occured during this update.

[24-Mar-2019 20:37:34] **** ERROR: Could not update the following files. Please update the file and directory permissions to allow write access.
[24-Mar-2019 20:37:34] /web/t1.zmm.se/public_html/includes/modules/payment/paypal_express.php
[24-Mar-2019 20:37:34] /web/t1.zmm.se/public_html/includes/modules/payment/paypal_standard.php

I have checked the rights on these 2 files and they both have the rights set to: 777

So what to do next?

Edited by fantomen
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1 hour ago, fantomen said:

* ERROR: Could not update the following files. Please update the file and directory permissions to allow write access.

This is a very common problem, If you check carfully you will find the permissions are not correct. I would imagin you are using  Filezilla FTP  to make changes? Filezila will not change permisions correctly it has not done this for some time. So you must access the server directly and change permisions on the server. Make sure both directory and files have required permisions.


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I have checked the rights on these 2 files and they both have the rights set to: 777

777 is NOT correct on many servers. They will give a 500 error because this is a security exposure ("world writable files"). You start with the minimum permissions on any file (typically 644) and add "write" permissions (664, then 666) until you get it working. Very few servers now require PHP files to be marked "executable" (755, 775, 777). This applies to files that PHP needs to write to, and depends on how PHP is configured (especially, what user group it's running under).

777 was safe to do back in ancient times, when you could trust everyone sharing your Unix computer. You can't anymore, especially on a server shared with hundreds or even thousands of strangers. Giving them "world write" access to your files is asking for trouble. If someone blithely tells you to "chmod 777 your files", they're an idiot. Don't listen to them.

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