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Why are PayPal Express and PP Standard payment emails so different?


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PayPal Express will generate payment confirmation emails that contain only info on the amount of money sent.

PayPal Standard emails generate a comprehensive receipt, if you will, of every item ordered complete with quantities, individual prices, shipping, etc.

Why are they so different?

- Andrea


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I assume we're talking about the paypal app here.

Rather than having an answer for you, I have more questions:

- can you confirm whether the PP Express module reduces the stock you've sold?

- do you use any other payment methods and how do the emails compare?

The difference between the two modules is that pp standard does its own email and stock processing - in the before_process which then skips straight to the after process, while Express uses the processing in checkout_process.php for these between its before & after processes.

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20 hours ago, BrockleyJohn said:

can you confirm whether the PP Express module reduces the stock you've sold?

It's been so long since I used it, I can't recall.  But, surely I would have noticed if it weren't reducing inventory.  Most everything I sell is only available in a quantity of one, so...if it hadn't been subtracting stock, I think I would have noticed.  That would have been a huge problem!

You do realize I'm speaking of PayPal emails, not Order Process emails generated by the website, right?

It's PayPal that is generating different emails, depending on which PayPal app you use.  I just found it interesting, when I was using Express, that the payment confirmation emails generated by PayPal were much less detailed than those generated by PayPal Standard. 

I mean....PayPal is PayPal is PayPal, right?  Why would the payment confirmation emails be so different? 

Just curious.  Thanks for the reply!

- Andrea

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