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PayPal Express authorisation loop.


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Hi there,

I have been having a lot of trouble with the paypal module on my current website which used to work fine. When a customer uses the express paypal button they get taken to the paypal site of which they sign in but when they return to the site the basket is empty, they then continue to pay via paypal and continue this loop indefinatly. When checking the payment module logs the individuals attempting get SetExpressCheckout and GetExpressCheckout repeatly and from what I have read a completed authorisation process must send back a DoExpressCheckoutPayment. I tried updating the version which worked at first as I tried to process a payment for myself as a test but then the problem started again just as before and now no payments are processing for people.

I have no idea what this could be, if anyone could assist in this problem it would be amazing.




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If you site used to work fine with the Paypal module, and now it doesn't, that usually means that something somewhere has changed. Ask your host if they updated anything, especially if they updated the version of PHP the server is running. Many hosts will deny that they changed anything, but if pressed, will finally (and/or reluctantly) admit it when they have indeed made a change.


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I've had buyers experience the same issue with PayPal Express and the only way for them to complete payment and make a purchase was for me to turn off Express and revert back to PayPal Standard.  I hated doing that as I really love Modular Shopping Cart and how close it is to a simple one-page checkout complete with products, shipping, coupons and click on PayPal Express and be done with it. 

I don't believe it's a problem on my host's end.  I'm using CE and PHP 7 since making the switch to the responsive version of osCommerce months back.  And I don't think the problem affected all buyers, either.  Just some.  Perhaps a browser issue?  I don't know.

- Andrea

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