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URGENT ! ] 2 Problems


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I have 2 problems with my OSC:


1) Configuration of table-based shipping costs.

I configured the table-based shipping(I don't know the english name, sorry!) like this:


table method: prize

If I order something, OSC doesn't calculate or even show any shippingcosts in the checkout. What's wrong here? I marked the status of the table shipping to "green" and in the module summary I marked the "shipping costs" to "green", too. I don't understand why the shippingcosts are just ignored.... :(


2) order more units from one product - checkout

If I order more than just one unit, OSC multiplys the productprize by the quantity and show JUST the product (of the calculation) in basket or in the chekcout instead of the single prize AND the product. I surfed through several other Onlineshops and found out, that nearly every shops points out the single prize and the product.

Is there a contribution that shows the single prize and the product?


I hope you understand my questions because msy english is not the best...


If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)



Thank you very much in advance!

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I've never used the table shipping, but try this:



Just a guess, but I've done it that way on another cart... it's worth a try.



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Thank you!

I tried it, but in the chackout, there's still no shippingcost listed.

Whats wrong here? Do I have to activate the addition of shippingcosts somewhere in the ShopAdmin?


Thanks in advance!

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Hi, have you more shipping methods apllied or just TableRate?

Your string(50:6.00,150:4.00,100000:0.00) is ok



checkout_confirmation.php shows the price of each product (but incl. optionprice, if you ordered a product with an option)

there is no contribution needed.


you must have an other problem.. sorry

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