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UPS Down?


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I think I just have a super old UPS shipping module that finally bit the dust... probably due to the fact that UPS doesn't support older versions of TLS...

I switched to UPS XML and that works.

I'm sure there are others that may be using the old one... they'll figure it out soon enough :)

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Just now, yungi said:

Is there a newer version of this UPS module (that's not the XML version)?

Good question.  I don't know the answer.. the XML wasn't horrible to install.  I'm still modifying it to remove certain things but overall, I think it'll work.  Can I ask why you want one that isn't XML?

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4 hours ago, OldPete said:

Working on it now... installing XML version.  Has a lot of features I don't want... and I'll need to fix the Ship Estimator also.  Ugh... progress. LOL.

Hi OldPete - what steps did you take to switch to ups XML? I have an oooold osCommerce install (2003) that has the old HTTP ups.php module installed. Other than setting up an account for an access key, Do I just replace the ups.php code with the upsxml.php code? Where did you make config changes?

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I haven't noticed a change in speed since switching to XML.  I think it boils down to personal preference.  The XML module is nice in that it should be more accurate based on the fact that it takes L, W and H into account and ties directly into your own UPS account number and negotiated rates.

Probably best practice to get both versions working so you can switch easily should this happen again.  We lost some sales because of it :(

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  • 3 months later...

Looks like UPS is having trouble again... or is it?  Last time I went bonkers implementing the XML version of the module... only to have the original one come back online and work.

Now it appears that it is down again.   Anyone know what the story is?  I have the XML version still on there, but it would need to be repopulated with the passwords, etc.  Before I go bonkers to get all the data that I need... I was wondering if anyone here knew anything?

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